Hey ladies…does this sound familiar?

“I’m too old”

“I’m too fat”

“I have kids”

“I can’t find the time”

“I’m really busy”

“I tried everything”

“I have no discipline”

“I love a good glass of wine, If I workout does that mean I can’t have one anymore?”

We’ve heard every excuse why some women can’t seem to get started or stay consistent with a physical fitness program

Are you guilty of saying any of these comments to yourself or some of your friends in the past?

What if I told you there is a way to get and maintain the body you’ve always wanted as long as you do these 3 things:

1) Be consistent

2) Surround yourself with like-minded women with the same goals

3) Realize what’s at risk if you stay inactive

You must know your “Why”

What’s yours?

Not sure?

Here are some from our best students to help you get clear about yours:

“Stress accelerates the aging process. The quickest way to release stress, stay young and vibrant is to workout consistently”

“Being and feeling physically attractive and sexy is important to me in my relationship”

“Just because I gained weight and let myself go for a couple of years doesn’t mean I can’t dramatically change things around and regain the body I had when I was younger”

“I need to fit in my wedding dress”

“Having a baby isn’t an excuse to let my body wither away”

“Sure having a glass of wine feels good but nothing compares to how you feel after you’ve completed a difficult workout and survived. You’re just so proud of yourself”

“As a mother I often put the needs of my kids and family before mine, but if I truly want to be a great mother and lover I should lead by example and take time for myself. The stronger and healthier I am the more love I can give”

Knowing WHY you’re training in the first place and constantly reminding yourself of it, will give you motivation in the moments when you feel like giving up or not being consistent

Enter Warrior Fitness for Women

My name is Christine Patenaude, creator of the Warrior Fitness for Women programSifu Christine Patenaude

I empower women to transform their mind and bodies so they can feel healthier, happier and more confident in their lives

Every workout is infused with the right amount of fat burning Kickboxing techniques, personalized attention, a sense of community and support from all members.

And most of all, we share a common goal to transform our bodies, stay motivated and hold each other accountable when we start to procrastinate, make excuses or lose sight of the reason why we started this fitness journey in the first place.

Join us

Warrior Fitness for women

No matter what your fitness level is, whether you’re an athlete looking for a challenge, a new mom who wants to whip herself back into shape, struggling to maintain your ideal weight, tired of long boring cardio workouts or need to spice things up in your workout routines, we can help.

Simply fill out the form below to get your free week pass, try any of our classes, feel the difference it makes when you’re part of a team who won’t let you quit.

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